Tips and Tricks for a Better High School Experience

Mariana Ardila, Social Media Editor

   For everyone, coming in blindly to high school can be a nerve-racking feeling. As a senior, I wish I could have gotten guidance and advice about how to approach my freshman year. Here are pieces of advice from our seniors to lower classmen. 

“ Not to take everything so seriously like drama, pettiness, relationships, people who they have problems with, and things of that sort. These topics don’t deserve your time and energy and honestly in the long run, they won’t matter anymore.” – Laila Lafayette (Senior)


“Stop taking life so seriously, go outside and look at the stars”- Tyler Pujols (Senior)


“Enjoy High School while you can because it goes by faster than you know” – Alexandra Moscoso (Senior)


“Involve yourself in school somehow, whether it’s clubs or sports, and take advantage of these years to pursue things you are passionate about. Your future is important, but make sure you enjoy the present while you can and most importantly: enjoy yourself!” – Jorge Munoz (Senior) 


“Enjoy every moment! High School goes in the blink of an eye and COVID is a great example that we never really know what can happen, so take advantage of it. Also, make sure you keep a balance between school and your social life because having good time management will make the difference.” – Danelli Mejia (Senior)


“Take advantage of Freshman and Sophomore year because they really count the most. It’s very difficult to bounce back and recover in your senior year (Like your GPA).” – Kiara Pena (Senior)


“Try and stay off social media and also take advantage of any opportunities you get.” – Ian Rodriguez (Senior)

High school is a new and frightening experience for everyone, but it’s also where adolescents can learn valuable life lessons and make memories that will last a lifetime— if it’s done right.