Business Girlie!

Camila Escobar, Arts and Entertainment Editor

   Small businesses are booming through Charter. With multiple students tapping into their entrepreneurial sides, side hustles are all the buzz. Junior Avery Appio is just one example of someone taking raw talent and dedication and turning it into a successful business. Her passion for jewelry grew as her business began to flourish, and with every accessory sold, her love for the business flew. As a passion of Avery’s and a hobby to release stress, she believed in using  this newfound skill for the better and making a business out of it.

   Avery’s business focuses on making necklaces, each “produced handmade from passion and love.” Her creativity led her to use a plethora of materials including shells, rocks, and beads. She makes them appeal to most by making some simple and others more complex, with intricate patterns and large charms at the end. 

   Fitting to multiple people’s aesthetics, she includes charms shaped like keys, chains, and even vintage charms. Avery acknowledges the fact that the jewelry business is competitive not only in Charter alone but in the rest of the world, and says “ I truly love the competitive connotation that comes with small businesses.” Her motivation to strive and continue to become better has come from the uniqueness of her creations and the satisfaction she gets from looking at one of her signature pieces. 

   Avery plans to take this small business to the next level as she has already started to create bracelets, anklets, earrings, and rings. She wants to take this entrepreneurial journey into college and “major in business and further grow my small business during that time while also acquiring necessary skills to be a successful entrepreneur!” After her realization of how much she loved making jewelry, and how she wanted to see it worn by other people, the whole journey began. Now years later, she is still staying true to her original ideals and continues to make jewelry for all.