Lighting the Candles for New NHS Members

Trisha Villanueva, Staff Writer

   Character. Scholarship. Leadership. Service. These are the four pillars of the NHS and the newly inducted 55 members demonstrate these. For the first time since 2019, the NHS Induction ceremony took place in-person, on Thursday, March 11th. 

   The invitations to apply for NHS were sent out at the beginning of February, and three weeks later, 55 members received their acceptance letters. Junior Natallie Palacin states, “I had been wanting to join this club for awhile, and when I finally met the requirements and got my letter, I applied right away.” 

   In order for students to apply, they needed to demonstrate that they had the required qualifications based on the 4 pillars. For scholarship, they needed to have a cumulative grade point average of 85%, B, 3.0, based on a 4.0 scale. For service, 25 documented hours of community service must be completed. For character, Mrs. Battle had to verify each student’s application and sign off. For leadership, students either had to have two school sponsored leadership positions or one school leadership position in school and one outside of school. 

   Prior to the ceremony, a rehearsal took place after school on the 8th, where they rehearsed how to walk down the aisle and how to walk across the stage. Recording Secretary Jayna Brunner made a seating chart for everyone to follow, with the left side as the pink side and the right side as the blue side. The line leaders, who sat at the end of each row, led their entire row down the aisle when they walked in from the doors, and led them to line up by the wall before they walked across the stage.

   After the Pledge of Allegiance and Mr. Bayer’s greetings and introductions, Mayor Frank C. Ortis and Commissioner Iris A. Siple delivered congratulatory messages. The history of the NHS was shared, and NHS officers lit the four candles representing each pillar. Sophomore Riya Robin says, “I was so proud of myself for being able to sit there and say that I was getting inducted for the NHS. I felt really excited during the ceremony because I couldn’t wait for what was to come next year in NHS.” 

   The inductees raised their right hands as they recited the pledge, then NHS sponsor Mrs. Ellis called everyone’s names to walk across the stage and receive their certificate. Sophomore Valerie Glen expresses, “During the ceremony, I was very excited and over the moon with happiness when I finally got inducted.” After the last inductee was called, Mrs. Ellis said the closing remarks and it was time for pictures! All the members went up on stage for a group photo together. 

   While some people stayed inside for more pictures, others went outside for some light refreshments, such as brownies, cookies, a slice of cake, tea, and lemonade. 

   When asked what it means to be an NHS inductee, Valerie Glen also says, “It was an honor to be recognized as part of this society that is filled with amazing people who all want to make a difference in this community as I do.” For junior Chelsea Ugwuozor, she states, “It was an honor to be selected to join NHS and being at the ceremony was incredibly awe-inspiring. I’m ready and excited for the responsibility that comes with being a new inductee.” 

   The 55 new members are excited for what’s to come in the next school year. Give it up for all the new members!!