Uplifting the Voices of Women on Campus

Graphic by Mia White

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Graphic by Mia White

Kara Warren, Staff Writer

   Though you may see them everywhere, most of us don’t give enough credit for what they do. Whether it’s your mom who’s raised you since birth, or an inspirational leader like Kamala Harris, there’s no better time to show your love and appreciation to the best women in your life than now! With March being recognized as Women’s History Month and plenty of events going on throughout the school, it’s important to keep the main focus in mind: to spread the message of women’s equality and empowerment.

   The Queen B.E.E.S, a new club at PPCHS, are dedicated to creating open conversations between women. Though they’ve just begun to hold their meetings, they’ve already begun to hold thoughtful discussions about things, such as the health of a relationship–knowing how to recognize toxicity. One of the members of the club, Sebi Reyes-Farinas, a sophomore, says that she’s glad to see that so much representation is holding their own club for girls like her. “The Queen B.E.E.S have such an amazing cause, where they actively unite women of all colors, backgrounds, and identities.”

   Nicolle Sanchez, the founder of Women Ctrl Coding, felt the campus needed to add more emphasis on women’s futures–specifically in the STEM field. “The mission of Women Ctrl Coding is to empower women and give them fair chances in the STEM industry.” However, since the club is still in its early years, the members aren’t able to do as much as they’d hoped to recognize the importance of Women’s History Month. “As much as we would love to hold an event to appreciate women’s contributions in the STEM field, we are still creating a stable structure and were unable to plan anything in time.”

   Apart from the female-run clubs throughout PPCHS, students already have a few women in mind that carry a lot of inspiration for who they hope to be in the future. Like the majority of us, Sebi has plenty of female leaders who motivate her on a daily basis. “On a personal level, the most influential women in my life are in my family.  She truly has instilled in me the power of hard work and knowing your worth which I am eternally grateful for.” Her mother, who defined the American dream, made a better life not only for herself, but for Sebi and her family. 

   Though in the short year she’s spent on campus, Sebi’s already acquired a close relationship with her teachers that’re dedicated to mentoring her throughout her high school career. “I’ve known Ms. Schwab and Mrs.Ramos since the beginning of my time in PPCHS and it’s impossible to put into words the amount of things they have taught me. As a teen who is still navigating my way through life,  I am bound to make mistakes. Yet these two women are always there to tell me the truth even if I don’t want to hear it. They both have made my time here super enjoyable and I always feel safe around them!”

   Sophomore Valerie Glen, an organizer of the funds towards Colombian schools, may not be directly involved in these clubs, but remains to advocate for the same causes. “Some of the most influential women in my life–Betty Friedan, Katherine Johnson and of course, my mom– are just a few powerful women who follow through with what they believe in regardless of the obstacles in their path. Women’s History Month is the time where I take the time to personally educate myself on those who’ve had an impact on my life, and what they’ve done to make a difference throughout history.”

   Many students probably don’t think they do enough to recognize the accomplishments of women around the world, but there is so much you can do right here right now. Celebrating women’s history month is about learning to be open, educating yourself, and doing what you can to support them. Whether it’s supporting female-run businesses and organizations, or just learning more about women’s history and their influences in society, there’s always something you can do to uplift their voices!

   Although the clubs around campus are doing what they can to spread the message of women’s empowerment this month, there is so much we can do on our own to celebrate them. So in memory of the fighters, the believers, the hard-workers, and those who paved the way for us to all dream big dreams, take time to remember the women in your life who shed a light on the limitless opportunities in store!