The Junior’s Commentary Over SAT 2022


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Sophia Lopez, STAFF WRITER

   The 2021-2022 school year is reaching its climax: testing season. For many PPCHS juniors, March marks the month of the anticipated SAT, known for the countless hours and multiple sections. 

Here are the junior opinions from this year:

   Junior Christopher Palomino says…  

   “The hardest part of the SAT for me was the reading portion, there were 5 articles and I had to read while answering the questions in the span of 60 minutes. I realized towards the end of the last article that I ran out of time; I skimmed the last article which I don’t think I did very well on.”

   Junior Helen Godoy says it was… 

   “Very very nerve wracking, with the time limit, I struggled in the reading portion. When the lady called the 5 minute timer, I realized I had a whole other article to read. In the PSAT, I even had extra time after finishing. This was not the case, but from this SAT I will be more prepared to take the SAT scheduled on March 12th. 

   Junior Joshua Blackwood says… 

   “The math part was honestly pretty hard. The easiest was the reading; the first article was a good start, and I kept on going from there.”

   Junior Brianna Correa says… 

   “The first portion was easy, the second session was challenging, and the last math portion was also challenging. But overall it wasn’t as difficult as part ones. It was generally about timing and pacing yourself, to try and get all your answers in.”

   Junior Betty Phipps  says… 

   “I felt prepared but I’d say that the math section was a bit difficult. I’m confident I got a good score.”

   Charter students are anticipating their test scores that are set to come out in the upcoming week. The potential for college selection and career choice lean on the performance of the junior exams.