Brain Awareness Week Presents: Brain Bee!


Donated by: Megan Ingram

Valerie Questell, Clubs Editor

   Approximately how many neurons does the brain contain? Time’s up! 100 billion. As contestants from all over Broward County meet in one place to answer these challenging questions with little time, Brain Awareness Week is starting off with this national competition. 

   The Local Brain Bee is run by Nova Southeastern University consisting of written and oral competition using the knowledge of local South Florida students. The written portion goes by one question at a time but with months of preparation, these questions go by with thought-provoking answers that help the neuroscience judges with youth research. The pressure is on these students as the questions are being timed and if one gets it wrong, it gets passed to the other contestant. Although this competition is open to any student, previous knowledge of the anatomy of the brain and scientists that have contributed research to the cognitive science field is recommended since questions come from “The Brain Book” (Brain Facts Book). Even if a student answers incorrectly, the information is still beneficial to the scientists because it gives them other perspectives and ways of thinking.

   Brain Awareness Week is crucial for all students to be informed on. Given the fact that generally most students are stressed, “Nearly half (49%) of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis and 31 percent reported feeling somewhat stressed.” (NYU Research) Students should have an answer to their cognitive thinking as it is one of the most important barriers in society. 

   Pembroke Pines Charter High School psychology teacher Mr. Garcia shares his views and opinions on the importance of Brain Awareness Week. “This competition is great to promote brain awareness week.  Brain awareness week is important because our brain and mental health dictate so many aspects regarding our quality of life.  It’s important to rest, eat healthy food and also exercise to keep your brain healthy so you can perform to your best ability in whatever you do!” As he goes over Brain Awareness week in his psychology class, he makes sure that all students are well informed and aware of what goes on in their brain. 

   PPCHS AP Psychology teacher, Mr. Lavoro, shares his thoughts on what Brain Awareness Week is to him. “Learning about your brain could lead to a better understanding about yourself and what makes you tick. This is the ultimate engine that drives your desires and motivations throughout the day.” Mr. Lavoro enjoys this week as it is a part of the subject he teaches and, most importantly, his AP Psychology class. “So, open the hood and check it out!” he states. Mr. Lavoro does his best to encourage students to study the brain not only during Brain Awareness Week but also all throughout the semester. 

  In honor of Brain Awareness Week, it is encouraged to do some research on the brain! There is endless information and research on the cognitive and neurological aspects of brain development. One can even use this information to benefit mental health and self awareness. Nova Southeastern University’s 1st annual Brain Bee is open for registration until Monday, February 28th. The event will take place on March 12th. 

  The pressure is on the contestants and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Aside from the endless benefits from attending this event–just by “beeing” there–you can assist future scientists, neurologists, and data scientists with just your participation and input. The future relies on this information to create medicine and potentially, solutions to stress and other mental health issues.