Class of 2023 Ring Ceremony


Photo by Jeinily Bencon

Camila Escobar, Arts and Entertainment Editor

   On Thursday, January 20th the sun was setting and the auditorium began to fill. Over 100 students and parents gathered around a perfectly decorated stage to take part in an important milestone in their high school careers. A giant blown-up ring becomes the picture-perfect backdrop for everyone to snapshot this momentous occasion. This night was not only memorable for the juniors of Charter but the people at Herff Jones as well. Their first live event since Covid started, truly became a night to remember. 

   The ring ceremony is meant to give juniors an object of their greatest memories and achievements. It is also meant to signify the juniors being one step closer to being the royalty of Charter. Junior Jorge Munoz agrees that the ceremony “ ran beautifully” and that “it was a great experience overall.” Many juniors also understand that their time at Charter is going to end and they need to appreciate all of the little things they have left.

    Events like these are important for students to have a moment to themselves and reflect on all of their past years and experiences. Time in high school can run incredibly fast and it is comforting to know that students have the opportunity to take a little piece of Charter with them once they leave. 

   Although the rings do have a high cost the pros truly outweigh the cons. Memories and achievements are something you can’t possibly put a price on. By turning those memories into something juniors can wear for the rest of their lives is a brilliant idea and one that Charter holds close to heart. Another student council member that had a hand at preparing this event,  was junior Trinity Tang. She expressed her clear excitement over the event by saying that “the ring ceremony is a special tradition for juniors and we are so excited to have been able to continue it this year. It was such a fun event that the student council put on as we personally handed each ring to students and I’m glad we were able to do a covid-19 safe event.”

   The ring ceremony is a long-standing tradition at Charter that the junior class of 2023 was lucky enough to partake in. Their rings along with all the memories of that night will stay on their hearts, and hands forever.