The Youthful and Beautiful Life of Betty White


Graphic by Viviana Munoz

Valerie Questell, Club Editor

   Betty White and her contribution to Hollywood and early television will forever be remembered; her smile impacted millions and she had a humor that left audiences with tears of joy. Betty White’s work extends from sitcoms and late night shows, to shows that brought families together. Her climb to the top was influential to many, as she had started off in the American Women’s Voluntary Services after World War 2 and soon became one of the best American actresses and women comedians. Even her variety of awards cannot express her importance in the television industry. Her features in Saturday Night Live; her own talk show: The Betty White Show; and her lead roles in programs such as The Golden Girls, has left people reminiscing.  It is important to embrace her plentiful memories as she ameliorated the world the best she could.