The Arrival Of The Awaited New Seasons


Graphic by: Viviana Munoz

Andrea Cid Garcia-Mella, Staff Writer

  Ever since it’s first episode in 2018, Cobra Kai has been a popular show. It was first released on YouTube TV, but was picked up by Netflix after the second season. The 4th season finally came out on December 31st. Fans had been awaiting a new season for practically a year so there was a lot of anticipation built towards its release. Cobra Kai takes place 34 years after the Karate Kid movies, allowing old fans a chance to see the characters again and new fans a chance to be introduced. The show had been renewed for a fifth season in August, so filming has already finished. Students can now feel safe knowing that after watching season 4, another is waiting for them.

     Emily in Paris was first released October 2nd, 2020, as a Netflix original. Its first season sparked the immense popularity for the show, so it was natural for it to be renewed. It’s new season came out December 22nd. Students were excited for the awaited new season, since they had to wait a while until it was released. There isn’t any news on a third season yet so fans will have to wait for that announcement after finishing the newly released episodes. However, expect to see Emily back at the end of 2022 if all goes according to plan.

     HBO Max’s Euphoria finally came out with its second season on January 9th. The show first came out in June of 2019. Students have waited over two years for season two, many will probably be binge watching its new episodes over the next few days, following their release. The season took so long to arrive because of delays brought by the pandemic. Filming was able to safely start in April of 2021, and finally finished in November. Since the show’s new season came out so recently, it isn’t yet known whether it will be renewed for a third season. But, chances are that the show isn’t finished and will be able to return with another season after fans finish raving about the release and events of the second.