Ringing in the Junior Class: 2023

Morgan Lind, Managing Editor

   Every year, each junior class has the opportunity to ring out the year by purchasing their very own class ring(s), celebrating their accomplishments throughout their high school career and the last push until graduation. From all the different styles, colors, and even stone choices to pick from, students have the ability to design their very own and even personalize theirs with names and activities they like to do. 

  These ceremonies are to allow students to receive their ring(s) and celebrate them, which has been a yearly tradition for a long time. Herff Jones makes this all possible, by providing the school with the information and products made to create these rings. Some of these though can be a little too pricey, and for students this isn’t something that is a wanted factor. But for junior Nathalie Portillo, buying a ring just wasn’t something she could do, stating “the ring ceremony is an amazing event that the school holds for us juniors, and even though I didn’t purchase a ring I still think the event is something special for us”. 

  Since COVID the previous year for class of 2022, the ceremony was held as a drive through for students to keep COVID safe, but for the class of 2023 this year, they’re hoping to bring back the normal and have their ceremony inside the ROG like usual. Junior Jorge Munoz, Vice President of the class is helping set up the event and expressed that, “I think it’ll be great to get back into tradition and hopefully we can enjoy stepping closer to senior year together as a class during this ceremony.” 

  With the hope to move forward and start getting events back to somewhat normal, the junior class is already starting off strong and hopefully it can continue to go the same way for the rest of the year.