2022 Winter Break Review


Photo by Dylan Padron

Kimani Dodd, Opinion's Editor

   Winter break was much-needed for many students after the stress of midterms. A majority of Charter students either spent their time with family and friends, catching up on their tv shows, or just relaxing. Here’s what a few Charter students did over the break.

“During the winter break, I mostly slept, watched anime, and ate a lot of food. The main thing I ate was ramen.”Freshman Khloe Dorneval

“Over winter break, I made sugar cookies and tried out different recipes. I’ve always struggled with baking and cooking, but since I had more time over winter break, I really took the time to learn and the food actually turned out good.”Sophomore Janessa Montilla

“I didn’t really do much, which was really relaxing. I was supposed to go skiing but that got cancelled because of Covid, so I stayed home and read Fight Night for the first time.”Sophomore Kiley Irizarry

“I didn’t really do much over the break because my original travel plans got canceled but my aunt and her kids came from New Jersey, so I spent my time with them. Additionally, my friends and I volunteered at Flamingo Gardens which was nice and fun, it was great to have something to do rather than staying home all day.” – Junior Anjali Balla