Going Back to Normal: Graduation Edition


Donated by Megan Ingram

Nicole Llanes, Editor in Chief

   The class of 2022 has had a rollercoaster of a high school experience. From their learning being online for a year and a half to events being missing, this year’s seniors have truly gotten the rough end of COVID. Despite this, graduation has officially been announced at Charles F. Dodge City Center, a tradition that has finally returned for seniors!

   Graduation was held for the class of 2019 in person for the seniors, and virtually for family and friends. The students would walk across the stage at the River of Grass and be filmed. This video was then aired on a specific day so the students can be with family and friends to watch and experience it together. The class of 2020 had graduation on the Pembroke Pines Charter football field and were able to bring two parents. Isabella Rodgriuez, senior, watched her sister graduate on the tv and explained, “It was sad to not actually see her walk down the stage in person, but I’m grateful I at least was able to be next to her and watch the video together as if I was there.” Despite the location of each graduation, each senior’s accomplishments were celebrated.

   Before 2019, graduation was held at the Charles F. Dodge City Center for a few years, so the seniors are able to bring back the missed tradition. It will be held Saturday June 4th 2021, and the rehearsal will also be held the same day. Matthew Bovio, senior, expressed, “I feel like having graduation again at the city center will make our senior year  normal, and not like COVID was still dramatically impacting us”. Typically, seniors leave school a few weeks earlier than the normal last day of school, but this year seniors have to stay in school till June 3rd due to “educational minutes”, according to the district and state of Florida. 

   Other than this, there’s no more information about graduation. Mrs.Fernandez explained, “The email I shared is the only information I have as of right now. There’s no set ticket count or times for graduation or rehearsal.” Regardless of the unknown information, it’s still a win for seniors to be having their graduation with all their friends in the city center.