Is Anyone Watching You?


Graphic by Viviana Munoz

Camila Escobar , Arts and Entertainment Editor

   On September 9,  2018 you opened Netflix and saw a new show was trending called You. At first you thought what an odd name to call a show but you find it intriguing. Then you spend the next few days indulging yourself in internal monologues and forcing yourself into a psychological roller coaster. You continue this process for the next 3 years as you are very committed now and must see this story to its end. 

  On October 15, 2021 the beginning of the end took place as season 3 of You came out. Those who have partaken in the journey, that is this show, know that it’s basically about a main character, Joe, who stalks his lovers. However, in the end everyone still manages to like him and desperately tries to justify his actions. Psychology enthusiasts will have a field day watching this show as they can meticulously psycho analyze the main characters and discover what they might do next. One particular Senior who enjoys the thrill of psycho analyzing is Emily Martinez. “Joe is sick and twisted which actually makes him very interesting. His reasons for doing the horrible things he does are justified in his head, even though he experiences cognitive dissonance (knowing what he’s doing is technically wrong, but doing it anyway). However, pretty much everything he does is extremely unethical and quite disturbing.” The show does an incredible job of making the audience want to root for the bad guy even though his actions are most definitely not the move. 

   The end of season two showed Joe meeting his match, in love and in murder. Her name is love which is ironic because she is hypocritical and crazy in love with Joe. “It’s very interesting how he was able to find a love interest that had the same motivations as him. In the second season, he meets a woman who also likes to kill and murder. Throughout the third season, we see their relationship develop… and it’s pretty intense.” Senior Kristin Ward also says “ I’m excited to see how the story will continue as I know there will be a season 4, but I’m also scared because I don’t know what other possible tragedies I can take.”  After three years of following this story many of the audience members are excited to see what exactly is going to happen next many suspect that the main character Love is still alive while others are just hoping the new season can live up to the standards of the previous ones. 

   This psychological drama makes you as obsessed as the characters are, and with all the theatrics and murder it definitely makes You the show to watch.