Watch out Charter, You Have a New Class of Seniors

Nicole Llanes, Editor-in-Chief

   Kings and Queens walked the halls last Friday morning at Pembroke Pines Charter, marking their debut as seniors. The crowning is a stepping stone for their senior year as it officially marks the transition from being a junior to becoming a senior, hence the name Step-Up Day. This is just one of the many events coming up for the seniors in their final year of high school. 

    Seniors wore elaborately decorated crowns with hues of colors, large letters, glitter, feathers, flowers, and so much more. The crowns served as an outlet of expression and students had complete creative freedom. Megan Ingram was one of the many students to go above and beyond with the crown. Adding lights in the shape of skulls, purple fluff, spiders, and even bats, to capture the feeling of something spooky. She explained, “Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Halloween decorations were already out. I also love skulls so I just wanted to make the crown feel like me!” Along with this, Emily Suyama also decorated her crown in a way to showcase her. She stated, “I love glitter and adding a little extra attention. For my crown I did everything glitter and even added a boa at the bottom to give the real royal feel”. All the crowns had their own flare that day and truly showcased the talented class of 2022.

   As a final wrap-up to Step-up Day, all the seniors were called down to the River of Grass at 1:50 for a photo of the whole class in their crowns. Despite the plan only being a photo, cheers and yells were soon heard all around the stage from the students. They were loud and proud to have made it together as a class, despite the pandemic and obstacles from the last year.    

    The following week Monday marked the beginning of another senior event, senior privilege. Seniors were officially allowed to come to school after homeroom, which is at 7:50. This meant a few extra minutes of sleep and a little less traffic on the way to school. Isabella Rodriguez expressed her feelings towards this change, “Senior privilege is something I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year. Although I only get 30 extra minutes of sleep, every minute counts to me. I feel much more awake and refreshed now.” This is a similar feeling amongst all the seniors, I mean who doesn’t love a little more sleep?

   The class of 2022 has many more events and privileges to look forward to such as prom, graduation, homecoming, and so much more. It’s officially almost the end of the road for these seniors!