Kiersten Warren’s Journey through Newspaper


Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   As student body president and an exemplary writer, Kiersten Warren credits her skills to Newspaper. Like some people who have joined Newspaper, Kiersten is a student who skipped the preliminary intro to journalism course and went straight into the Newspaper class. Whether it had been fate or just a mere coincidence that she was put into Newspaper, it was a journey that she will never forget. 

   Friendship and future careers seem to be a common theme in Newspaper as many of the seniors have claimed to form some of the most memorable friendships of their lives. Kiersten, for example, claimed that, “Maxine was actually the one who basically recruited me to join the class because she wanted a friend and I had an open elective, so I went to Mr. Fagen to sign my card and he did and that was the start.” Little did Kiersten know that the moment that Mr. Fagen signed her course card she would be introduced to her lifetime friends, potential career paths, and unforgettable memories. While being the editor of the Student Life section, Kiersten was able to combine her student government world and her journalism world. Since she is the senior class president she utilized her power over school events to provide quality content for the CHAT, as well as helpful writing tips to her friends. Newspaper has taught Kiersten a lot about the world of journalism and future career paths that she could venture into. She said, “ My writing improved more and more into my junior year and now I even consider myself a writing savant.”  All in all, Kiersten is grateful for the memories Newspaper left her and the techniques she will use for the rest of her life.