Alan Mathew’s Journey through Newspaper


Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

   Curiosity is something that can lead people to things they never imagined could happen. For senior Alan Mathew, curiosity is what led him down the path of Newspaper, which later played a vital role in his high school career. Entering into high school everything was different for Alan and when it came to deciding electives for his freshman year he wanted to satisfy his call to writing. 

   After joining intro to journalism Mr. Fagen immediately noticed Alan’s natural gift for writing and decided to move him up to newspaper that same year. He said, “ Mr. Fagen came up to me and said that he takes his top two best students in terms of grades in the class and moves them to newspaper and I thought what the heck and decided to go for it.” The class ended up playing a quintessential role in Alan’s high school career because of everything he gained through it and the experiences he will hold on to in the future. Newspaper may seem like a huge production and in some ways it is but the class itself is small and there’s not very many people in it so forming connections is fairly easy and makes the whole class experience that much better. Alan mentioned, “ some people have sports, others have clubs, and though I certainly have those too, I think Newspaper for me was one of the first places that had a sort of family element to it because it’s so small and everyone can get to know each other and grow together.” While having a shy start to his new class, Alan took the next three years to hone his skills and become the extraordinary co-editor and chief he is today.