Florida Vaccine Update: April 9


     A return to normalcy has been a topic of discussion since COVID-19 ravaged the United States in the beginning of 2020. When can we go back to concerts? Attend sporting events? Hug our grandparents at the annual family barbecue? It’s been a widely optimistic, but difficult battle to fight. Fortunately for Americans, the end is now in sight. 

     With the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines ready to be administered all across the state of Florida and the nation, it’s important for citizens to be aware of the everchanging vaccine eligibility requirements. As of April 5th, Florida governor Ron Desantis has opened up the vaccine to all adults, 18 and up. Of course, this means that only of-age seniors and faculty at PPCHS are allowed to be in lines, but if you’re 16 and up, hope still remains: the Pfizer vaccine is approved for citizens that are 16 years of age or older. However, there is an additional step to complete for those who are not 18 receiving the vaccine: a parent/guardian has to accompany the individual and is required to complete the COVID-19 vaccine screening and eligibility form.

     Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine require 2 doses before the individual is protected from COVID-19. On the Florida Vaccine Response website, those eligible can use the vaccine locator to find a site in the area that administers them. Publix administers both the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine. CVS Pharmacy administers the Pfizer vaccine, and there are a few state sites that may not require an appointment to get any of them. It’s important to keep in mind that supplies are limited not just in Florida, but in the United States, so booking an appointment, instead of simply walking-in is advisable. Yes, it can be hard to find an appointment, but CDC officials recommend trying out different times of the day in search of finding an appointment in your area.

     All vaccine requirements can be found on the Florida Vaccine Response website, which is consistently being updated: https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/vaccines/