Charter’s BCAA Scholar-Athletes


Donated by Ryan Rasmussen

Donated by Ryan Rasmussen


      The BCAA Athlete award is one of, if not the most prestigious award a student athlete can receive in high school. This award highlights these students’ academic and athletic achievements as well as their success. The award also highlights the students commitment to helping out in their own community. Seven students have been named Charter’s BCAA Student Athletes and have been invited to the Broward County 34th annual Scholar-Athlete Banquet hall. These students are: Juan Marin, Maria-Noelia Herne, Joaquin Pazmino, Jasmine Glover, Giavanna Difede, Zoe Mutombo, and Ryan Rasmussen. 

   The criteria to be recognized as a BCAA scholar-athlete is nothing simple. All of the students named above have met the following standards that needed to be met which are: must be a senior in high school; must have a minimum of a 3.2 GPA, including the first semester of senior year; must be a varsity letter winner; must exhibit commitment to a total school program and community at large; and they must be nominated by their high school principal. These standards just give evidence that being named a BCAA scholar-athlete is a very honored award and very intricate task to achieve. 

   One of the elected scholar-athletes, Joaquin Pazmino, shares his thoughts on what he felt when he was named BCAA scholar-athlete, “I was honestly a little surprised to be named a BCAA athlete, especially because our school has strong sports teams full of talented students. Of course I was very happy and humbled afterwards to have been picked by the administration. I am also very excited for the banquet that is coming up.”

   Joaquin has been an exceptional athlete for Charter as he has competed in cross country all four years of high school. His senior year he had the honor of being named captain and led the team at the Tri-County Championship. In addition to that, he has played on the varsity volleyball team his last two years and played on the varsity soccer team his senior year. Not only did he participate and compete in all these teams, his commitment to playing on these teams is what made him stand out from the rest of the students. He made it a priority to be at all games and practices and he always gave his 100%. 

   Now he and the rest of the scholar-athletes await for the annual banquet hall as there is a possibility of winning scholarships from multiple organizations that support BCAA. Us at Charter will await proudly as we send our remarkable scholar-athletes to this prodigious banquet hall.