Students React to “To All the Boys: Always and Forever”

Trisha Villanueva, SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR

“Peter and Lara Jean’s never ending love for each other is what got them through the hardest moments and I think we can all learn something from this love story. When you truly love someone, 3000 miles doesn’t mean a thing.” – Anaya Andre, a freshman


   “Overall, the third movie was definitely better than the second, but a huge step down from the first. I did like that the third of the series had a lot more realistic and real world problems and didn’t gloss over certain problems like most movies do.” – Rasika Sriram, a sophomore 


   “I really liked the new To All the Boys movie and loved how it played out. It stood out from the other two movies as it was more about trust and finding your true self, which I absolutely loved to watch be played out! Plus their love story was absolutely beautiful and showed so much love within.” – Faith Munar, a sophomore 


   “It was a great movie I totally recommend. In my opinion, it was a good ending to the movies and my favorite scene was when lara jean went to new york.” – Natallie Palacin, a sophomore 


   “I thought it was a really great way of ending the trilogy. There were tons of callbacks and easter eggs throughout the movie from the previous two, which were fun to see and remember past scenes. The storyline itself was really good. I thought it was the perfect ending that Lara Jean and Peter could have. I only wished that it wasn’t the end of the film series” – Jena Legaspi, a junior


   “The movie for sure was better than the first 2 in my opinion and it suddenly made me want to go to NYU for some reason. Seeing the city and Lara Jean fall in love with the lifestyle, I understand how she feels because it’s so exhilarating. I personally have never been to New York and I want to go so bad and I think my favorite part of the movie was when Lara Jean and her best friend decide to go to the party in New York and she takes in New York for what it actually is.” – Shravya Sareddy, a junior