Student Opinions on the Latest Nike Shoes 


Question: Nike recently released a new shoe called the GO FlyEase, do you think they will benefit the disabled? How could they help make disabled people’s lives easier? Do you think that these shoes can be worn by anyone or just the disabled?  And is it possible that these new shoes can motivate disabled people to go out more? 


“I definitely think this shoe will benefit the disabled, based on the fact that it is basically hands free, which allows anyone to just slip it on.”

  • Freshman Jalyn Randle 

“I feel like [the shoes] can benefit the disabled because they don’t have laces. It seems very easy to put them on and take them off. On top of that, I don’t think they would need the help of others to put them on, it looks like they could do it on their own.”

  • Sophomore Elisa Ortuzar 

“Seeing how flexible Nike’s GO FlyEase is designed, I can definitely say it will break barriers well beyond the sneaker industry and into the lives of those… in the disabled community… This design will and should inspire, motivate, and encourage the disabled. Now, they have a sneaker tailored to a wider audience, even for those who struggle with muscular deficiencies. Nike’s GO FlyEase will hopefully bring a new era for the disabled as they can now simply slip in and go, no brainer!”

  • Sophomore Gabriela Carvajal 

“I would wear [the shoe] too. I don’t think the shoe is only for the disabled, because anyone could wear it. I personally like the shoes and can see myself wearing them. I feel like they’re very unique and fashionable and I could see myself buying a pair.” 

  • Junior Leyla Molina