From Pembroke Pines to the White House

February 12, 2021

Graphic by Henry Severe

     When we were kids, adults always told us that we’d change the world for the better. That we would make a difference in our communities and make those close to us proud. These adults also encouraged us to follow our dreams until they became a reality. For PPCHS senior Vincent Toranzo, his seemingly long path to becoming a politician just became a lot shorter. 

     On Wednesday at 11:00 AM, Vincent Toranzo, along with only 12 other people from around the country, was selected to be on the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force. Yes, an 18 year old from Pembroke Pines is now on the White House website, which is quite an  impressive resume booster to say the least. 

     The other 12 people from the board are double Vincent’s age, and most of them are college-educated medical professionals with established careers. To some surprise, this doesn’t intimidate Vincent one bit. 

     “I look forward to working with Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith and my esteemed colleagues on the Task Force to restore our country’s health and wellbeing,” he shared. 

     Some of the first people Vincent shared the news with were his family and close friends. Senior Jessica Adan says, “I remember he told my friend Kiersten and I when we were in our SGA class. We were so ecstatic for him. I know he’s loved politics for a while, and he’s going to do an amazing job in his new, and prestigious role as a White House task force member.” One of the teachers Vincent has gotten closest to, is U.S. history and SGA sponsor, Mr. Curry. He says, “Even before he got to high school, Vincent was civically engaged. He is hyper-dedicated to making the world better.’’ Needless to say, Mr. Curry and SGA couldn’t be more excited for him. 

     Soon enough, the school began buzzing with the news, and Vincent’s phone began ringing off the hook for hours, with radio and news stations requesting comments. Previously, Vincent served as the co-chair for Students for Biden, and he is currently the State Secretary for the Florida Association of Student Councils. He has also had the honor of being awarded the U.S. President’s Award for Educational Excellence. Safe to say, he is certainly prepared for the important task in front of him. 

     The White House has given the task force a monumental job: help tackle the pandemic for the nation’s most vulnerable communities, particularly minority communities. The task force will be responsible for recommending matters related to the issuing of relief funds and COVID resources. It will also seek to provide effective communication to minority communities. For Vincent, being awarded this opportunity also affects him on a personal level. 

     “This mission is personal for me, as I have had loved ones deeply affected by this pandemic. As a task force member, I will make all efforts to address any shortfalls regarding communities of color and other underserved populations.” In the melting pot that is South Florida, Vincent has surely been exposed to many people from different backgrounds, races, and income levels. 

     PPCHS couldn’t be more proud to be around such an influential young leader in our society. Vincent certainly has earned his spot on the Pines Charter Wall of Fame, and he’s truly in a league of his own. Congratulations to Vincent Toranzo for bringing his and South Florida’s voice to the White House. And certainly, this is a win for all of the students with aspiring dreams and careers to see one of their own take the stage like this. 

     For all of those who are interested, below is the link with the initial announcement of the task force and contains a small bio of Vincent and his qualifications. 


 President Biden Announces Members of the Biden-Harris Administration COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force | The White House

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