A New Latin Beginning

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

     The last year has presented many problems for school clubs and teams. However, this year is starting off with some Latin flare as the Latin Dance Team comes to life again! Performances may be canceled due to COVID-19  but that won’t stop this year being a productive one for the team. Latin Dance is calling every student who has a passion for Latin culture and dance to join the family they have created! 

   Due to the pandemic, there will be no performances this year; instead, they will be preparing for when they will be able to perform again. This means putting together a new team and arranging new choreography.

   There are three events that future auditioners should be on the lookout for: January 29th for the zoom informational meeting, the clinics from February 3rd to the 5th, and lastly the zoom live tryouts on February 5th. Captains Laisha Llaracuente and Jorge Muñoz would like to point out that “ you absolutely do not need to have any prior experience on Latin dance before trying out, we want Latin to be a club for everyone so you don’t even have to speak Spanish either. Every dance will be taught step by step and we will make sure everyone has it down the best they can before every performance.” 

   Each captain also has their own hopes and goals for the new team. When asked what he wants the Latin dance team to become like in the future, Sophomore Jorge Muñoz said “ I want latin dance to be more known for others around the school, it’s not about being some legend in dancing it’s about enjoying the dance itself no matter how good or bad you are and that’s what I want to bring to people who have never experience something like that before.” As for her personal plans and goals, Sophomore Laisha Laracuente says “I plan on making sure our legacy of latin dance stays alive even though covid has affected our original plans. For the rest of this year and the next two years I am captain, I am determined to make amazing choreographies for any performance that comes our way, whether in person or virtual, and build not only a great team but a family.” 

     The Latin dance team is known throughout the school as the team with the most Hispanic pride. With each dance they enchant the audience and keep them wanting more. They hope that they can continue to bring the Latin dance culture alive and continue expanding their family for many more years to come.