Coming into 2020 Singing

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SZA Feel Good Ways

Last year in September, SZA teased “Good Days” in her first new music “Hit Different.” Once the song was finally released in December it instantly became viral all over Tik Tok. SZA’s known for her calming yet relatable and feel good music. Samantha Villafane, a junior, stated, “I think it’s really uplifting and you can listen to it no matter what kind of mood you’re in. It reinforces my good mood and comforts me when i’m sad.” As of right now, only the audio version of “Good Days” has been released. Her other unreleased songs have also blown up on Tik Tok and even have had dances created after them. It’s clear to see SZA’s fans can’t help but fall in love with all her new releases.


PlayBoi Carti’s Heart and Soul in One Album

Many Playboi Carti fans were eagerly waiting for him to drop his long awaited second album, “Whole Lotta Red.” The reasoning behind this album was to “trying to prove to these folks that I can rap. I got bars,” according to Playboi Carti (pitchfork). The album’s title was created in 2018 in reference to his affiliation with the Bloods. Over 24 different songs are featured on the album and each one is melodic, hard, and experimental. Sophomore Lyndon Ochoa stated, “I feel this album is just different from any other kind of rap we hear online.” The new mystery is whether or not there’s another album in the future for Playboi Carti.


Some Legacies Never End: Kid Cudi

After 11 long years, Kid Cudi finally delivered his latest installment to the cosmic album series of “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen.” He began what was known as a “legacy” years ago and many of us were only in elementary school when the first installment dropped. This third installment is split into 4 acts and follows the concept of him defeating his demons and finding peace. However, this album has received much backlack and was explained as “like when the old rock band reunites and their costumes don’t fit anymore” (Pitchfork). His once relatable attitude seems to be missing. Nonetheless, it is still the voice and lyrics everyone enjoys of Kid Cudi.


The Pattern Continues for Olivia Rodrigo

Last January, many heartbroken teens were singing their hearts out to Olivia Rodrigo’s “All I Want.” This song was about a girl wanting to find a love that last and mainly created for her fictional character in High Musical the Series. This year, Olivia Rodrigo yet again took everyone’s hearts with “Driver’s License.” Junior Andrea Rodriguez explained, “This song is genuinely one of my favorite songs at the moment. The lyrics hit close to home and I relate to what Olivia is saying throughout the whole song. it’s definitely one of those songs that makes you want to get in your car and scream the lyrics.” Many believe this song holds a deeper meaning than “All I Want.” Recently, her and her co-star Joshua Bassett split up, but he had helped her get her license. No matter the background, Olivia Rodrigo yet again created another relatable and screamable song.