Graphic By: Henry Severe
Graphic By: Henry Severe

Happy Techmas!

December 9, 2020

“For Christmas, I want a laptop with a touch screen. It would make note-taking and annotating so much easier. By having my laptop, I could store all my school files and not have to worry about them getting deleted. This comes in handy when you also have siblings who also do online school; I wouldn’t have to worry about sharing a computer. It’d also be well suitable for doing homework in the car or anywhere else besides my house. Since I play sports and have practice every day, I can start on assignments early on my way to practice.” -Valerie Questell, Freshman


“I want a camera for Christmas, especially a Canon One. I’ve been wanting to get into photography and a camera would help push me in the right direction. Plus, I’m on the Latin dance team and would love to start having more professional photos of our practices with everything being virtual.” -Laisha Laracuente, Sophomore


“I want a new computer for Christmas, specifically a MacBook. The one I have is super old and doing online school doesn’t help! A lot of times my files delete or just go missing. Hopefully getting a new computer will make school more fun.” -Cayla Mortman, Junior


“I’ve had the iPhone 8 since 2017 and I want the newest iPhone 12 or any other generation after the 8. My phone’s gotten slower over time and I still have a home button. The quality of pictures is also terrible on my phone and some updates don’t even work. A new iPhone for Christmas would just be perfect because something new always happens with my phone.” -Domenic Lacayo, Junior

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