It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like COVID Christmas…


“Usually on Christmas Eve I go to church and the church ends around 11- midnight. Me and my family go back home and get some sleep. Then I wake up and usually open a couple presents and we help my mom make like a big lunch, and sometimes we see a few friends on Christmas.This year, the only things that will probably change is going to church and maybe seeing friends too.” -Freshman, Reuben Mathew


“For Christmas, my mom and I make dinner the night before to spend time together. Then the next morning we open presents. Afterwards, I go to my dad’s house and I see my little sister and open presents with them.” -Sophomore, Laisha Laracuente


“My favorite Christmas traditions are spending time with many friends and opening Christmas presents together, but unfortunately due to COVID I won’t be able to see all of my friends this year for Christmas.” -Sophomore, Nicole Fuxman


“Usually I go to Miami and meet up with all my cousins at my abuelas and wait till midnight so we can open all the presents. My dad would come out of nowhere and dress up as Santa and everyone sits on his lap when their name is called, because everyone puts their gifts in one bag around him like Santa. And since my brothers are older with girlfriends, we open the presents first at my house and then go spend time with them, but this year I don’t think we are doing anything big.” -Junior, Derek Echeverria 


“Well normally my family and I would take a trip somewhere up north so we could experience the cold atmosphere and depending on where we go, the snow. But sadly we can’t this year because we’re worried about bringing COVID home to older family members here in Florida.” -Senior, Foster Etkin


“Usually every Christmas my grandparents stay over, which is going to be different this year. Although I’m old and know that Santa isn’t real, I still put out cookies as if it was real on Christmas Day. I also go to my aunt’s house and celebrate there as well, but that’s going to be different this year too, so Christmas this year is just gonna be me, my mom, my dad, and my dog.” -Senior, Ryan Bertazon