Paul Dunks on Robinson in Boxing Bout

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

  “It’s going to be the boxing event of the year, November 28th Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr.” This was a statement mentioned by sports analysts all over the world. The former boxing champion of the world, Mike Tyson would be going toe to toe with Roy Jones Jr, another former boxing legend.

  Yet, there was a sneaky twist in this fight card… famous youtube star, Jake Paul, with over 10 million subscribers on Youtube, would also be fighting in his second professional boxing bout against a very known opponent. That opponent would be no other than former NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Nate Robinson. This bout would surely test Paul’s 1-0 record after beating UK youtuber, Anesongib. Or would it? 

  As it was the co-main event, it obviously would happen before the monstrous main event that the card had in store. As the clock struck 11:30, the two fighters touched gloves and went at each other right as the bell rang. Robinson came in and swung numerous times yet, nothing really was landing for the former NBA star. As a result, Paul continuously clinched with Nate and halted the fight many times. Clinching is a strategy used by pro boxers to maintain control over the fight and keep the fight at their own pace.

  As the clock reached the halfway point in the first round, Jake Paul landed a huge counterpunch to knockdown Nate and score a knockdown. Sophomore Joel Enriquez expressed, “After seeing the first knockdown, I realized Jake Paul could actually fight and had great technique as opposed to Nate’s pure athleticism. This sport is all about technique and the fundamentals of the game, and Jake Paul looked like the real deal.” That knockdown was not the last one of the night though, and it started to look ugly really quick. 

  As the second round began, Nate still didn’t look fully back in the fight, which allowed Jake Paul to apply more and more pressure which forced Nate to clinch more and more to regain some sort of stamina —  until Paul landed another devastating blow which knocked Robinson down again. At that point it was the beginning of the end for the former NBA star. Robinson beat the 10 count barely and got up and resumed fighting.

  A little less than a minute after the last knockdown, Jake Paul ultimately finished up the fight with a nasty 3 punch combo to put Nate Robinson out cold. It took Robinson a whole 2 and a half minutes to finally realize where he was and get up out of the ring. This fight put Nate Robinson’s pro boxing record at 0-1, and Paul’s record at 2-0. After the fight, the Youtube star called out multiple stars such as former UFC dual weight class champion, Conor Mcgregor, and one of Youtube’s biggest creators out of the UK, KSI.

  Senior Matthew Gordon stated, “After the fight, it was kinda cool to see youtubers turn their life around with the boxing scene. I would love to see Paul fight KSI, especially after KSI beat Jake’s brother Logan Paul. Overall, seeing the people that we grew up watching fight and mature is really cool.” The paper-view sold almost 18 million dollars this past Saturday showing what these boxers are truly made out of. 

  Despite Nate Robinson never fighting before, he showed true heart and determination stepping in the ring with only 2 months notice. As for Jake Paul, he’s showing glimpses of greatness and is a student of the game. Love the guy or hate him, you gotta respect the work he’s putting in to improve his craft. Let’s see if this Ohio native can keep this streak alive and continue to “dunk” on his opponents.