The End is Near

But I’m Cautiously Optimistic

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The views in this editorial are those of the writer’s and does not necessarily represent the views of the newspaper. 


   Wow. We can say that again. America just went through an unprecedented election day, with record levels of turnout across the country, millions of mail-in ballots to which no previous election has ever seen, and days of waiting for results in key battleground states. What turned into election day in America quickly turned into election week. Finally, after several days of turning on CNN to watch John King speculate with the electoral map, a winner has been declared. Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to be the 46th President of the United States, and is soon to be sworn in on the inauguration date of January 20th.


   While the over 77 million citizens who voted for Joe Biden may have an idea of where he stands on policies like climate change and social reform, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know his exact plans for the next 4 years. 


   Of course, most of the bills he hopes to pass depend on bi-partisan support, which always proves tricky, or depends on Democrats regaining control of the Senate, with the last 2 seats up for grabs. Coincidentally, the last 2 seats that will decide the majority boils down to Georgia, a state that’s been getting quite a bit of attention lately. 


   I took it upon myself to find out what exactly Biden has in mind for the American people.


   In the midst of a global pandemic, I am looking for leadership that gives Americans a positive push towards eradicating the virus that has already claimed thousands of lives. It starts with the President. Biden has pledged to listen to science and make decisions from public health officials, and has already appointed members to his specialized task force, consisting of researchers from Yale, former advisors to past Presidents, and former military officials.


   He plans to double the testing available to the public, produce results faster, and introduce at-home tests to the public. Being that my mother has been an essential healthcare worker, I have seen firsthand the toll this pandemic has taken on hospitals. Joe pledges to use the Defense Production Act to ramp up the production of the dwindling national supply of PPE (masks, gloves, face shields, gowns, etc). 


   I’m sure many of us look for the day that we can trade in our laptops for backpacks and return to the hallways of PPCHS. President-elect Biden, among other things, calls on Congress to pass a package that will ensure schools across the nation have resources to safely reopen while keeping everyone safe. 


   Discovering a vaccine is simply not enough, and if President Trump’s distribution efforts are anything like his PPE distribution plan, America is going to be left clueless and confused while the virus still rages like wildfire. 


   Joe has urged governors across the country to enforce a mask mandate, and when in office, plans to implement them nationwide. Because wearing a mask isn’t political. It’s just called being considerate of others, and having regard for others. While coronavirus may be one of the most pressing issues right now, there are certainly others that warrant attention. 


   Biden is aware of the pressing challenge of climate change occurring in the world right now, and outlines a bold plan — a Clean Energy Revolution — to address them. He will ensure the United States achieves an 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions no later than 2050. 


   President Trump recklessly withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement, and Biden plans on rejoining it; but rejoining is not enough. 


   He will stand up to the abuse of power companies impose on communities of color/low income. To this day, the people in Flint, Michigan are not awarded the same quality of water as cities in other parts of the nation. Frankly, it says a lot about the priorities of politicians, for them to blatantly ignore this catastrophic issue. Joe has pledged to give everyone the right to clean water. Sad, I know. It shouldn’t be a political issue. But it is. 

  After 8 years of having a black man as POTUS, never in a million years would I think that America would choose to elect a new president with such disregard and carelessness for minorities. Donald Trump has made it clear that he believes he’s done the “most for the African-American community” since Lincoln. I can’t think of anything that is less accurate than that very statement. 


   Biden is aware of the seeds of racism, blatant and otherwise, that have been sowed into the foundation of this country since the beginning. His campaign has already made history by choosing a black woman as his running mate, Kamala Harris, and plans to do much more to help the African-American community.


   Biden’s plan for Black America will close the racial wealth and income gaps. It’ll expand access to the same high-quality education found in wealthier school districts for poorer ones, typically disproportionately found with students of color. It’ll end the health disparities by race, an issue that’s recently been spotlighted with the disproportionate levels of care and mortality rate found in minority communities. It’ll fight voter suppression. It’ll shed new light on America’s commitment to justice for all. I, among many others, am traumatized each and every time I see a person of color dying at the hands of law enforcement. I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be the next to be pulled over when an officer is having a bad day. If I, or someone I know, will be typecast or simply ‘fit the description.’ Joe commits to putting an end to these mindless ways of death, and giving each victim justice. 


   These are just the three issues that caught my attention first. We all have issues that matter most to us, from the economy to healthcare. Now that we are approaching a new administration to be given the reigns of American democracy, it is more important now than ever to continue to hold Biden and Kamala accountable. Year ¼ is approaching; and, if I’m being honest, I can hardly wait.