The Magical Return of School Sports

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Lucas Giron, Staff Writer

   High school sports at Charter are back, and everybody couldn’t be more excited for it. Even after the rising concern and doubt that high school sports would ever come back, it has officially returned. The football and volleyball teams are the first teams to return to action. With both teams eager to play, this season will be an exciting one to watch.


   After many months of being unable to play, our varsity football team is very hungry to prove themselves out on the football field, hoping to improve their record from the previous year. One junior on the varsity team, Manuel Villar, shares his perspective on the expectation of the football team: “ We know what we are capable of on the field. It is just about executing and having the right mentality going into our games.” 


   The varsity team has been practicing since the very first week of October, so they were ready to play their first game of the season. However, the game was canceled due to COVID precautions and rescheduled for another date that hasn’t been set yet. Since then, they have been practicing in and out every week getting ready for the start of the season. 


   On the flip side, our volleyball team had a strong season last year, making it to the state semifinals, and they hope they can repeat that this year. Both varsity and junior varsity teams started preparing for the season on October 12th, practicing three times a week, trying to recover the month that they lost since their season got pushed back. The first game for both teams was against Fort Lauderdale which resulted in a win for both junior varsity and varsity. Since then JV has played against South Broward, Coral Springs Charter, and Flanagan. Varsity has had the same schedule plus one more game against Miramar. All games resulted in a win for the junior varsity team while varsity only lost to Coral Springs Charter. 


   One of the sophomores from the team, Sofia Benitez, shares her thoughts on how she thinks the season is going to go for the junior varsity volleyball team: “ I feel like this year has really brought us together even with COVID making things difficult for us. We can do pretty well if we stay focused and don’t let things get to us. We’re a good team when we work together and that has really been working for us.”With both volleyball teams having a strong start to their season, they hope they can continue that form. 


   This is just the start for sports in PPCHS as more teams get the go ahead to begin their seasons. With football and volleyball starting and soccer season just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for our high school sports.