It’s Truly Tua Time in Miami

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

 With the number 5 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins select… Tua Tagovailoa. On draft night, Dolphins fans all around Miami were ecstatic to hear that their franchise had drafted their quarterback of the future. Yet, they still had veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on their roster. When the season started, the question was :when would it really be ‘Tua Time’ in Miami?”

  As Tua took his first steps onto an NFL field against a division rival The New York Jets, he completed his first two passes in the NFL and then that same question was brought up again going into their bye week, when will Tua become the starter in Miami? The answer coach Brian Flores gave? “Tua Time is now.” 

  In week eight of the NFL season, Tua was given his first NFL start and led the Dolphins to a win against the fierce Los Angeles Rams team with arguably the best defensive player in the league, Aaron Donald. Dolphins fan and sophomore Manuel Villar expressed, “It was great to see our number five overall pick go out there and start for us finally. Even though Fitz was playing incredibly well for us, I think he was time for Tua to show us Miami natives what he is really made of.” Tua showed he was a dog for the Dolphins all game despite him not having a fantastic debut game. 

  In terms of how Tagovailoa’s performance was, nothing stood out yet. The rookie made no mistakes besides one unfortunate fumble. He threw for only 93 yards and threw his first NFL touchdown to trusted receiver, Devante Parker. However, Tua’s performance was hindered by the outstanding play of his defensive and special teams unit who showed up and dropped three touchdowns for the Dolphins which led Tua to not take as many snaps as he should have. In week nine, Miami is taking on a tough Arizona Cardinals team led by stud quarterback Kyler Murray who Tua has drawn many comparisons to coming out of college. As for the future, Junior Dolphin fan, Carlos Betancur stated, “If our defense performs like they did on Sunday, along with Tua improving everyday our season will just continuously get better and I’m excited to see how we get along for the rest of the season. Tua can put on a show and we have seen it in his college days in Alabama, hopefully he shows more glimpses of that for Dolphins nation and maybe even make the playoffs. I’m excited, that’s for sure.” Miami supporters really have faith in Tua and are truly excited for the rest of this season. 

  For NFL fans across the country, seeing Tua play football after his heartbreaking hip surgery at Alabama was truly an inspiring thing for anyone to see. Inspiring is what Tua Tagovailoa is doing for the Miami Dolphins and the future sure is bright for the kid. It truly is Tua Time down in South Beach.