Team Captain, On and Off the Field


Photo donated by Adam Abougendia

Marko Barrera, STAFF WRITER

Adam found himself standing before the sold out crowd, as well as the ball that will decide the outcome of the game. He calmly runs up to the ball and plants it directly in the top right corner, just out of the goalkeeper’s reach. Pushing through the pressure is nothing new to Adam, especially since he’s been doing it for the majority of his life.


  Adam Abougendia was born into a two-parent household on November 2nd, 2004. This couldn’t become familiar to him, however, as his parents divorced and separated during the summer of 2011. Even with his older brother still living with them, Adam still knew he had to step up to support their mother. 


  Even though he left early in Adam’s life, Adam’s father was still the person who introduced him to what would become his forever lover: sports. His dad played on the Egyptian National Soccer team, which shows why Adam started playing the sport at the age of 7 years. 


  The family enjoyed watching other sports, as well. Adam vividly remembers watching basketball for the first time. It was the Heat vs Bucks game on December 6, 2010. “Watching basketball for the first time,” Adam said, “gave me a sensation that I haven’t felt before.” Ever since then, Adam considered himself a loyal Miami Heat fan. 


  Even if he had sports as an escape, it still couldn’t slow down the pressure, as his older brother Youssef left for college during the summer of 2016, after graduating from Pines Charter High.


  Initially, it hurt Adam, mostly because of how he missed his whole family together. As time went on, he eventually got used to it and his bigger responsibility. 


  It was smooth sailing for Adam as he got used to his plate becoming fuller with responsibilities. He was doing great in school with his friends while still helping his mom. This was until 8th grade year, when his mom told him the idea that they could be moving to Chicago. A couple months later, they even visited the city to see houses, and even check the high school that Adam would attend.


  This was a lot for Adam to process, and his mom noticed that. That being said, she made a deal that they would hold off the move to let him have one more year in Florida. 


  Just when Adam was getting into his groove for high school and training for the upcoming school soccer season, his mom reintroduced the idea of moving again. Her timing couldn’t have been worse, as the season was just beginning. The anxiety hit him again, but fortunately, due to personal reasons, the idea of moving was cut. Adam got to stay in familiar Florida with his family and friends.


  With the new school soccer season approaching, Adam cannot wait to get back on the field and represent Pines Charter. After a heartbreaking 5-4 loss in the state finals last year, the mindset for this season is clear for each player. “That loss [in the state finals] really hurt us even in our hearts,” Adam stated, “But now I can say, on behalf of every player on this team, that we want it more than anything, period.” It is safe to assume that Pines Charter’s varsity soccer team is fully motivated for the season.


  After going through a lot in his life, Adam still has his head up and his confidence remains unbroken. Adam is prepared for any challenge that comes down him and his teams’ way, on and off the field.