Events Bulletin!


Show Your Zoom School Spirit!


   Whether it’s delayed or digital, PPCHS isn’t giving up its Spirit Week traditions any time soon. SGA, in a welcome moment of coordination between students, administrators, and teachers, implemented a long overdue Jaguar tradition in a brand new way. After all, when’s a better time to go back —in some sort of way— to something fun and uncomplicated? From Monday, October 26th, to Friday, October 30th, students were encouraged to bring together outfits and Zoom backgrounds to show off their school spirit. Classic themes survived this year as well, and different days highlighted Decade spins and Character costumes alike! Keep an eye out for the Prowler yearbook in a few months to see which enthusiastic students made it in for their participation and creativity.


 Livestream Jaguars, Livestream!


   After a stunning season last year and weeks of mental and physical preparation, the PPCHS Jaguar football team was roaring to go once again. Unfortunately, and with surprise notice, home games for the foreseeable future have been cancelled for the Charter football team. Their first home game originally was set to pit them against the Northeast High Hurricanes, but pandemic safety measures also meant that fans couldn’t line the stands. This wasn’t been lost on administration and Coach Bruns, it appears. A livestream, set up on the same online platform that previous graduations have been found at, was set up for Thursday the 29th’s game. In fact, every home game of the season was set to be livestreamed on Though it’s unclear when games will be back, watching them when they are should be as easy as click, click, stream!


No One Postpones Herff Jones


   In a year like no other, seniors are bound to wonder just what exactly will stay their same for their long awaited graduation year. Traditions and expectations, while important and arguably essential, are much harder to pull off in a year of significant challenges. Cap and Gown orders, though, still seem to survive. Charter graduation partner Herff Jones has begun to advertise to this year’s senior class, and representatives made clear in an informative meeting this past week, anyone who intends to participate in an official graduation ceremony must purchase at least one type of package from the company retail options. Tassels, shirts, and commemorative diploma plaques can all be found online, and current sale offers encourage seniors to buy as soon as possible.


Tutoring as a Team


   One unexpected development to the Charter tutoring scene these past few weeks has been an Honor Society collaboration like none other. The demands of after-school Zoom tutoring sessions makes scheduling, planning, and outreach much more difficult for honor societies this year. In what appears to be a response to this, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, and Science Honor Society have all come together on one Canvas page to streamline extra help sign ups. Every day of the week (except Friday) contains an opportunity to receive help in difficult subjects, and a vast pool of student volunteers certainly favors those who wish to be tutored in this situation. Other student associations still maintain rigorous support mechanisms outside of the tutoring Canvas course, such as Spanish Honor Society which offers tutoring Monday and Wednesday.