Jadyn Wilson: Going Back to Back


Donated by: Jadyn Wilson

Adam Abougendia, STAFF WRITER

   After a successful first year as 2023 class president, Jadyn Wilson is back and re-elected as 2023; but, Jadyn has new and improved plans that the class has yet to find out…

  Freshman year in high school surely has its ups and downs, especially entering into a new environment with new classmates. Yet, once Jadyn was elected president, she took it in stride and ran with it all the way and tried to make the class of 2023’s freshman year a great one. Making innovative class shirts and raising lots of funding for the class, she gradually increased the class morale by raising enough money to start the class fund towards their prom goal with almost 7,000 dollars raised. Additionally, she got a lot of students to attend the class trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios which was a great experience for all who attended. After being a vice president in 8th grade, you could say the first time class president didn’t do too bad. 

  This year however, she plans to do big things with the student council. As she expressed, “We really want to raise as much money as possible with the circumstances we were handed. We hope to raise money in ways that are safe and still fun so that we can have an unforgettable senior year.” Even with Covid-19, the mindset of Jadyn Wilson and her student council members are looking to make the most of their sophomore year. 

   Jadyn believes, despite all the unforeseen situations, that the class of 2023 can still have a phenomenal year. Wilson stated, “Even though the majority of us are still in virtual learning, I think we can still have certain standards we can meet with the cooperation of our class.” The goals of Wilson this year truly are higher than ever and she hopes to make true of her promises throughout this year. 

  Speaking of said activities, Wilson is depending on the help of the city and the country as a whole to allow the class of 2023 to see out their sophomore year with success. Jadyn emphasized, “The activities and events we have this year purely fall into the hands of our town and the country as a whole. If the city deems it safe for us to put on events, class of 2023 will surely enjoy some of the things we have planned this year.” As much as she wants to have fun and put on a nice year for her class, she won’t jeopardize the safety and well being of her classmates as a result. Jadyn Wilson shows responsibility at its finest. 

  With regards to her re-election, Jadyn had a message for her fellow classmates. “I appreciate you guys voting me in again. As well as the student council would like to thank you for voting and voicing your opinion. We love your ideas and hope to make you proud.” Class of 23’ can expect another year with lots of new and fun ideas that benefit them with their student council and behind their fearless leader, Jadyn Wilson.