The Unprecedented Return of the World Series

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Lucas Giron, Staff Writer

Baseball has returned after it’s lengthy delay from the sports world; however, not only has it done so, but it also has successfully reached the Grand Finale, which is the World Series that is between the teams of  Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. 

   Earlier in the year, baseball commissioners and teams agreed to begin the 2020 season on July 23rd when it was originally proposed to start on March 26th. This new season that was proposed would be a 60 game sprint to the postseason that would only feature regional action. After a few months of games and empty stands, the World Series has finally come to the eyes of sport lovers.

   This year’s matchup is between the L.A. Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Dodgers have had once again a very dominant year after getting first in their division and having the best record in the league. This records their 3rd time going to the world series in the span of just 4 years. 

   On the other hand, seeing the Tampa Bay Rays in the world series is an unpredicted sight. The last time they saw themselves in a World Series was back in 2008, which was a loss against the Philadelphia Phillies. After falling short in the postseason last year, the Rays had an excellent regular season with them winning their division. Now they face a much more experienced L.A. Dodgers in the much awaited World Series. One of our sophomores from PPCHS, Joel Enriquez, states who he thinks has the upper hand in this year’s world series, “I do believe that the L.A Dodgers have the upper hand in the World Series. Many of the players on the Dodgers have had experience in the postseason unlike the players on the Rays. However, the Rays are here to win and they are leaving everything they have on the field.” 

   Game 1 was a comfortable win for the L.A. Dodgers with a score of 8-3. The Rays took game 2 with a hard fought win that brought the Series to a tie. Once again, the Dodgers had a very comfortable win with a staggering score of 6-2. Game 4 ohad a jaw dropping end to the game when in the last play of the game the Rays managed to score two runs to win the game and ultimately tie up the series 2-2. One of our freshmen, Alejandro Puig commented, “ I believe the World Series this year has some of the most entertaining games ever. There is no telling who is going to win.”

   As game 5 rolled around on sunday night, the stakes were very high since whoever would win this game would most likely win the whole Series. Dodgers came out with an early lead of 3-0 by the 3rd inning. The Rays managed to score two runs but it wasn’t enough as the final score was 4-2. The Dodger now had an enormous 3-2 lead in the series and only 1 win away from being crowned champions. 

   Tuesday night came and it was game 6. Everything was on the line for the Rays as they needed a win in order to force a game 7. The Rays came out with an early one run lead in the 1st inning. They were able to keep it that way up until the 6th inning where the Dodgers came back and scored 2 runs to make 2-1. Star player, Mookie Betts, added the finishing touch in the 8th inning when he scored a home run to seal not only the game but the whole Series. 

   The L.A Dodgers were crowned world series champions for the first time since way back in 1988. With an incredible regular and postseason run it was only fair for them to be crowned world series champions this year. As a very memorable season comes to end, the Dodgers have the ability to go home as world champions, which is fortunate for the city of LA since the Lakers also won the NBA championship. Los Angeles can now otherwise be known as the city of champions.