Inside the Town Hall

A Teacher’s Perspective

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  From the very beginning, education has been essential to Ms.Velez. Her mom instilled in her the importance of getting an education and stressed how it could open many doors, and her mom’s strong influence ultimately inspired her to become an educator. 


   She originally started her teaching career in New York, training adults on how to use the education system. To her surprise, an opportunity arose at Pembroke Pines Charter High School and Ms.Velez decided to relocate to Florida and take advantage of the opportunity. 

  Over her 10 year tenure, she has taken on many positions such as interim assistant principal, interim principal, and online class coordinator, and currently she’s an ESE support facilitator. Ms.Velez’s favorite part of being an educator is being able to help youth develop and grow into better influences, as she states she loves giving back to everyone and inspiring others. 


   Two weeks ago, Ms.Velez attended NBC’s Miami Town Hall with the President of the United States. Furthermore, she got the rare opportunity to pose a question directly to the president. 


   She asked President Trump, “What will he and his administration do to better prepare our law enforcement officers to work in collaboration with the communities that they serve and also to protect the lives of innocent black and lations from police brutality?” 


    Despite the fact that Ms.Velez didn’t get the answer she was looking for, the town hall still served as an interesting experience for her. The fact that she was able to participate in such a controversial and highly talked about town hall and most importantly bring forth a topic that is very relevant today really stood out to Ms.Velez. 


   To her point, she believes that there should be respect on both sides – students should respect authority and law enforcement should be able to work with the community they police. Ms.Velez is disappointed in all the negativity in today’s world but remains hopeful that the winner of this upcoming election can find a way to reunite the country.