A Pink Warrior


Photo donated by Mia Mateo


 I watch my grandma tense up waiting for her mammogram results. She has a nervous look on her face as she waits. Breast Cancer is a deadly illness that has affected many women from all over the world, but grandma is one of the many lucky survivors. 


   Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast. Cancer starts when cells begin to grow out of control (cancer.org). In my family cancer has always been a very serious subject. My maternal grandfather passed away from cancer when my mom was pregnant with me and my paternal grandmother passed away from it when I was about 2 years old. 


 I have always been very passionate about spreading awareness of how we can donate to cancer medical studies. I feel like if there is any way we can help, we should. 


   The month of October is very special to me. When I see the color pink I think of all the people fighting for their lives. I mourn the people who lost their battles and I thank God for all the people who survived this deadly illness.


   The thought of innocent people dying from a non curable disease is sickening to think about. Water floods my eyes just thinking of all the suffering my grandparents had to go through and how this not only affected them but my entire family. 


   How can we support a cause so big when there is no cure? On October 15th our school had a day where students were supposed to wear pink to show support for people facing breast cancer. People who have dealt with this illness feel comforted by seeing people wearing pink during breast cancer awareness month. When I see people supporting this by wearing pink I feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that it’s not just me who cares about this. 


   My grandma and so many other people who fought this or who are currently fighting this are so strong. My grandma’s ability to never give up has taught me so much and it is so amazing to see someone so beautiful go through what they went through and never giving up.


   Breast cancer awareness month is showing support no matter what gender or race, it’s about showing these warriors that we are all in this together and no one is alone.