Graphic by Henry Severe
Graphic by Henry Severe

Introductory Announcement

October 2, 2020

George Floyd.  Breonna Taylor.  Jacob Blake.

The names of those whose lives have been lost to racial inequality.

Innocence and confusion overpowered by assumptions and prejudice.

Rayshard Brooks, Daniel Prude, Ahmaud Arbery.

Here at the CHAT we are devoted to sharing unbiased and factual information. With that in mind, we created this section, Racial Inequity, to discuss the advancements of the movement in real time.

With our support of the BLM movement being a focal point in this section, we also realize our duty to journalistically cover all aspects of current events and the real life impacts they have on individuals. We recognize the issues within the police force and also note the officers who are maintaining and upholding their duty to the people.

We defend systemic calls for change, for the police force and other institutional powers. We thank and wish to recognize those on the force who provide citizens with valued protection and are inseparable pillars of our community.

In our capacity as a school newspaper, we commit to interviewing and highlighting all we can, from the significant roles of SROs in our school to the passionate work being done by local student activists. We acknowledge the potential imperfection of this far-reaching and complex coverage, and seek to move forward in a way that indicates our continued commitment to eliminate bias and noncomprehensive reporting.

The CHAT’s hand-chosen student Editorial Board will review each and every piece, alongside CHAT advisor Faren Fagen.

We want to share the voices of all, but more importantly we want to inform our Charter family. This is our attempt to share some of our opinions, of course, but to mainly provide a platform for the facts.

Black Lives Matter, unequivocally and without question. We hope you join us on this journey of sustained learning and equal, all-inclusive reporting.

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