How Reliable is Skin Care by Hyram?: A Profile on Elisa Ortuzar

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Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

   Over the pandemic, many of us can agree that we’ve made changes to ourselves, and honestly, it was most likely because of TikTok. Hyram Yarbo, known as @SkinCareByHyram on social media, blew up on TikTok this summer due to his carefully crafted skin care advice.


   Sophomore Elisa Ortuzar is one of many teenagers whose skin has been influenced due to Hyram’s tips. Six months ago Elisa’s skin was clear. However, when quarantine struck, she started to breakout and fell victim to bad acne.


   “I started to use some of the things he recommended, and I noticed a big difference.” Tossing damaging products and trading them for items suggested by Hyram had really improved Elisa’s skin. “My skin didn’t seem so irritated,” says Ortuzar, “My skin seems a lot more moist now, and I definitely feel hydrated.”


   Elisa highly recommends watching Hyram’s videos. “He does a lot of research, and helps recommend products that are in a good budget and do the job. His advice worked really well for me,” Elisa says. Keeping a positive mindset also helped Ortuzar on her clear skin journey. “The way I think of it is when you have acne, you’re just on your way to a glow up, so wait for it because it’s going to hit you hard,” she says.


   Using @SkinCareByHyram’s tips and following his advice really benefited Elisa. For her, it was all about taking care of herself and knowing that by trusting Hyram, her acne would soon be no more.