Miami is Movinnn On

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

 “Them goons from South Beach came ready to play,” is the phrase former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins used to describe the way the Miami Heat were performing throughout the NBA Bubble. Sunday, September 27th, The Miami Heat knocked off the number 2 ranked Eastern Conference team, The Boston Celtics and punched their ticket into the NBA Finals! 


  Throughout the playoffs, Miami as of Sunday has 12 wins and only three losses and are now in the finals. However, the path to success was not a simple task. In particular, the Eastern Conference Finals series was a scrap to say the least. The Heat jumped out to an impressive 2-0 lead by two wins headlined by star big man, Bam Adebayo, and ferocious leader, Jimmy Butler. Miami Heat fan and sophomore, Braden Ronshausen expressed, “After games one and two, I was extremely confident yet still had my doubts, Boston is always gonna be a tough opponent with players such as Jayson Tatum and Kemba on their team, but still I believed that our willpower and dog mentality was gonna get us through the series.” This “dog mentality” was a common thing that all Heat fans seem to love about this group of talented “dogs.”


  As Braden expressed, Boston indeed was a tough competition coming out in game three and winning the game comfortably. “Poor performances from the whole team is what lost us that game” said star center Bam Adebayo. This defeat didn’t sit well with stud rookie out of Kentucky, Tyler Herro.


  In game four, Miami came out firing in all aspects and having a magnificent fourth quarter scoring 35 points led behind rookie Tyler Herro’s career high 37 points. This gave Heat fans across Florida inspiration and hope to win this series in game five. However, all-star power forward Jayson Tatum had something to say about that in game five. He led the Boston Celtics to a significant win and gave Boston supporters their hope to win the series and come back from a 3-1 deficit. Miami had a really poor day at the office especially Bam which led him to blame himself for the loss. This didn’t hinder anything for game six, especially for Bam. 


  Game six was filled with excitement as Bam’s comeback game was incredible with a stat line of 32 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists for the Heat center. This along with Jimmy’s exceptional defensive work ethic won this game and closed out the series on Sunday and secured themselves a chance at greatness in Orlando. 


  This also won’t be an easy feat especially with one of, if not the greatest basketball player of all time in Lebron James standing in their way of greatness. Heat fans such as Freshman Matias Orellana stated, “It’ll be a tough series for sure, but I truly hope we can pull it out and show how great Miami really is.” The Heat last won a championship with ‘the king,’ and are now hoping they can dethrone him in Orlando.