Fantasy Football Season has Kicked Off

Adam Abougendia, Staff Writer

  Football season has so many great things to look forward to nowadays. Besides rooting for their favorite teams and tailgating before games, a very common thing football fans love and get excited about every year is fantasy football. It’s a past time that 75% of the football community has participated in and has loved since 1962. Yet, some football fans ask, what exactly is fantasy football?


  Fantasy football is essentially becoming an owner of a team and creating a virtual squad of real NFL players and you can play against your friends, or play against randoms and gain points based on those real players stats and hope you can win your league based on that. At Charter, we have numerous dedicated fantasy football players. One in particular is Junior, Carlos Betancur. 


   Carlos began playing fantasy four years ago and he found passion for it through his overall love for American football despite being a soccer player. Carlos expressed, “It’s the feeling you get when your players score and do well that makes it all so fun and enjoyable, it’s so satisfying for me.” This feeling seems to bleed through fantasy football owners all around America. 


  Another factor with this activity is that owners need to stay consistent throughout and really have to pay attention to it. As Betancur continuously said, “if you do not have the endurance to pay attention every week for 13 weeks, this isn’t for you. Personally, I take it seriously enough to the point where money is involved and I have a chance to win big this year.” When it comes to fantasy, participants seem to love what they do.
  There are tons of tactics when it comes to fantasy football such as drafting, watching the free agents (waiver wire), and matchups said Carlos. “In times that we are in, fantasy football is one of those things that can put a smile on your face if all goes well.” To put it brief, fantasy football season truly can be considered one of the most exciting times of the year if you are a football fan.