What Happened to the Olympics?

Lucas Giron, Staff Writer

   As we entered January of 2020, we were looking forward to a very optimistic year which included watching the very much awaited Olympics. Fast forward to today we haven’t had either things. As we all know, this is due to COVID-19 which has flipped our lives upside down and has impacted every corner of the world, and not in a good way. 


   The 2020 Olympics served as our last glimmer of hope for the entire world, but it was ultimately postponed. The Olympics this year was supposed to be in Tokyo and this created excitement for what this city has had to offer us. Tokyo is very known for its advancement in technology and we could count on them for giving us a memorable opening and closing ceremony. So as we enter the final months of this year we wonder what is next for the Olympics. 


   The Tokyo Olympics were postponed until next summer. They start on July 23rd and end on August 8th in 2021. This is only the fourth time in history where the Olympics had to be postponed or canceled. The other three times this happened was once during World War I (1916) and twice during World War II (1940, 1944). The current coronavirus pandemic marks the first time ever the competition has ever been temporarily postponed for a reason other than war. The Olympic Committee knew that it was best to postpone as it was just not safe for the athletes and everyone else involved. As many people had different views on postponing the games, one freshman, Kimberly Navarro, shared her opinion on this,“Even though we’re excited to see all of the countries competing for gold, I think postponing the Olympics would be vital for stopping the spread of COVID-19,: This is true as the spread affected the Olympic procedures and severely affected training regimens, so this prompted athletes and sport governing bodies around the globe to ask the committee to postpone the games.  


   The Olympics is arguably one of those sporting events where it unifies and brings our country together. As we watch athletes from our country go on the podium and receive medals, it brings a sense of pride and contentment to individuals. As we entered this devastating year we hoped we would still be able to feel that but that was taken away from us. One sophomore, Braden Ronshausen, expresses his feelings towards the postponement of the Olympics, “I was really disappointed that they postponed the Olympics until next year. It always brought my family together and I feel like times like these where the country is so divided, we really need the Olympics.” The Olympics is one of those sporting events where the whole globe stops and watches. We all root for our nations and our bodies get a rush of national pride when we see our our desired nation on the podium. 


   Next year, as we watch the iconic Olympic flame in the opening ceremony, it will bring the world a sense of gratification as we reminisce about what we had to go through in order to get here. I think it’s safe to say the world all wanted to see them this year but postponing was evidently the responsible choice. The world awaits for the 2021 Olympics.