A Senior’s Perspective on Applying to College


One group of people coronavirus has affected is seniors; however, PPCHS senior Mariana Colicchio believes colleges are making the proper adjustments to accommodate students’ needs. She appreciates the fact that a majority of colleges are making standardized test options optional. 


   Mariana thinks that this method will lead to a more holistic acceptance process along with culminating more diverse student bodies in high education. In the future. Mariana feels that colleges should adopt test-optional policies to promote equality in the admissions process. To her, students’ GPA is a far better indicator of college success and this virus may help colleges realize that test-optional is a far better option. 


   As for Mariana, there isn’t a particular school she has her eyes on. She doesn’t want to jinx anything. Where she ends up goes depends on a variety of factors such as who accepts her, what scholarships she gets, and what financial aid packages she ends up receiving. 


   Due to this, Mariana’s applying to a wide range of colleges. For her career, she plans to go into law. During Mariana’s undergrad, she’ll figure out what she likes and decide on whether to focus more on international relations or domestic policy. From there, Mariana will choose a more specific career path. Depending on the college she chooses and their program, she’ll most likely major in either political science, philosophy or history.