Striving to Stay in Shape


Photo by: Natali Brito

Adam Abougendia, SPORTS EDITOR

  Staying in shape is a skill that people can strive for throughout their life. As high school students were in the midst of their sports seasons, bang… the pandemic came and struck out the whole world when it comes to sports. Athletes all over the world had no idea how to respond nor how long they were going to be out for. 


  The majority of athletes, especially high school athletes were in shock, yet they had no time to sit around and wait; to put it simply, they wanted to show people that a virus wasn’t gonna slow them down. 


  As previously mentioned, some athletes around Pines Charter decided to take the high road and took advantage of the time off to improve and better their craft. One such athlete, sophomore Andre Casas, said,  “I stayed in shape from doing a few things[:] eating clean (4 meals a day), running miles daily (usually 3), and just working out with and without the ball inside. Whenever I was bored out of my mind, which was very [often], I would do some pushups or do weights. It benefited me when going back to soccer and training in general because I was still in shape. I could run and do drills without getting fully winded. I was really hoping that the majority of my teammates would’ve been doing the same.” Andre showed true “mamba mentality” with his approach to these tough times we are all in. 


   Yet, it was not just Andre who made huge changes in his life despite quarantining. Junior Gabriel Diaz shared some really inspiring words: “I made the most drastic change in my life during the quarantine period. I didn’t want all the hard work that I had put in for years, to be worth nothing. So I began to work out twice a day with a plan given to me by my coach. Now I am in the best shape of my life, and back on the field I feel incredible.” Despite everything, this was one situation where someone was able to take quarantine and use it for their own growth.

As difficult as times were and continue to be, people and athletes such as Andre and Gabriel have gotten the opportunity to truly embrace who they really are: athletes. As the late Kobe Bryant stated, “If you are the hardest worker on the court, on the field, or in the classroom. No matter the circumstances, you will come out successful in anything you do.” Quarantine allowed athletes to improve and when the select few were able to take advantage of it. When sports return to what they were, it could be a truly frightening sight for athletes who weren’t able to do the same.