Quote Board: School Schedule Changes

Question: Prefer this year or last year’s schedule? 


Photo from the official PPCHS Twitter and Facebook

Samantha Miragliotta, COPY EDITOR

“I think that the schedule from last year was easier to manage without having to use zoom and was more personal because we’d meet face to face. I also liked how I could easily communicate with other students without the hassle of facetiming or texting.”  -9th grade Riley Ahearn 

“I prefer last years school schedule because I am more of a social person and with some many distractions at home I find it difficult to stay focused.”-9th grade Keira Tejada

“I think the schedule change is because it’s easier to manage your time with block schedule and have more time to focus on our classes.” -10th grade Amanda Roman 

I liked last year better because I think it was easier to keep up with classes. I liked seeing my friends and teachers everyday, and also doing assignments on Canvas and Zoom is confusing.” -10th grade Reef Ostendorf  

“I prefer last year’s schedule because we were able to physically see our classmates, friends, and teachers. It was easier to help each other and learn.” -11th grade Melanie Miguel 

“I would definitely prefer last year in terms of school conditions and the fact that it was in person. The only reason why I would prefer this year would be because of my schedule but other than that, I would rather be in school.” -11th  grade Miranda Pereira

“I know online classes are the only viable option right now, but I definitely prefer being in the classroom. It’s overall a better learning environment.” -12th grade Sarah Sevilla

“I definitely prefer last year because we were in school and together as one and united. It’s really been a struggle for me to stay positive through all this because it’s my senior year and I have a lot of leadership within school. I completely understand the need for virtual school, but there are so many difficulties that come along with it, personally and mentally.” -12th grade Mackenzie Ahearn