An Explosion that Changed Lives


Graphic by Dominick Zarcadoolas


A loud rumble in your city strikes out of nowhere and everyone is panicking not knowing what to do. Over 180 dead and 4,000 injured: this was devastating news caused by an explosion that happened in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 

  On August 4th, 2020,  a fire started in a warehouse in Beirut. Investigators are holding an investigation to see if the explosion was an accident or intentional. As the investigation unfolds, many parts of the world are banding together to offer support.

  Freshman Isabella Chaves is very passionate about this subject and tries to spread awareness with her friend Sebi. She says, “Let’s acknowledge[,] first, that no matter where you live, no matter how old you are, there is always a way to assist. Let’s also acknowledge that immense famine is occurring in Lebanon, which is causing stress, harm, and worry to millions. First off, the Lebanese Red Cross is one of the most universal and prime donation sites to assist in Lebanon.” The city has turned into a destroyed and depressing place so Isa explains that no matter how old you are or where you live you can help, even if it’s just spreading awareness about this issue. 

  Isabella continues to explain, “[as] well as the Lebanon Children’s Relief and Impact Lebanon, [these] provided sources that I have listed can, and will tremendously assist in food, medical supplies, and shelter, for the victims in Lebanon. We cannot stress this enough, your voice and your actions are YOUR power. We all have the capacity to help spread awareness and  gain support for one another. Communication is key. Please join us all and stand for Lebanon.” Many can say they agree and need to start helping out. There are so many ways to help and all that people can do right now to do so, as of the current moment, is to donate to organizations in need, raise awareness, and do some research.

  Beirut is still facing hard times, as the city is, in many senses, destroyed and has limited resources. The explosion left 300,000 people homeless with no way to provide for themselves and their families. 

  Freshman Sebi Reyes-Farinas says, “The reason we care so much about this topic is because we feel as though this topic isn’t talked about that much anymore. Most people will say things like ‘I don’t get involved,’ or ‘It’s not my business.’ However, we feel that the very problem we are discussing starts with those statements. A problem as big and horrible the bomb should be talked about.” To further clarify, time between when the event happened and today shouldn’t have an impact on whether people remember or forget, imply those supporting Beirut and the countless suffering.

  There are still many more ways to help Lebanon as of right now. Sebi continues to explain, “Isa and I decided to break those common ‘we shouldn’t get involved’ barriers and decided to talk about it. This bombing claimed about 180 plus deaths as well as many injuries, homelessness, and billions of dollars of property damage. Nonetheless, people still don’t understand the depth of this crisis. After hearing and seeing what went on, immediately, Isa and I felt the urge or need to help these people the best way we can. Using our voices.” 

  Sebi and Isa definitely found a way to use their voices, and they have a very clear message to convey: now it’s time to get involved and do something to help.


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