Our Top Ten Things For Online Learning



1. Get an agenda

Since you have multiple classes, you’ll have tons of different assignments. It is very hard to keep track of each assignment and their due date, so an agenda makes it easier for you to remain organized. As you finish each assignment, you can cross it off your to do list and feel a sense of accomplishment. 


2. Eliminate distractions

It’s very easy to get distracted at home. Most feel tempted to go on their phones or watch TV. When you aren’t paying attention, you’ll have more trouble understanding the lesson and completing your homework. By removing all these distractions, it makes it easier to remain focused and improve your performance.   


3. Form study groups

There may be some subjects you’re good at and others that require some extra work. What you may struggle with, your friend may be good at and vice versa, so a good idea is you both could help each other out. Some students feel more comfortable asking their peers for assistance and may understand the lesson better this way.


4. Set personal goals

When you set goals for yourself, you are holding yourself accountable for yourself. You are responsible for managing your time and establishing the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals. These are also valuable skills for adulthood. 


5. Use the resources provided 

Resources are there to help you! Tons of students struggle with mental health and feel alone but it’s important to know that help is always available and  it’s okay to ask for it, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.  


6. Create a schedule

Making a schedule helps create structure. Furthermore, it’s easier to keep track of success, helps build self confidence, helps with prioritization, and improves proficiency. With a schedule, life is less chaotic and more organized which will help in the long run. 


7. Participate in discussions

When you participate in class discussions, not only are you learning from your classmates but you are also improving your critical thinking skills. Students can take comfort knowing that they can share their knowledge with others. It’s a great way for teachers and peers feedback, so why not participate?


8. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is crucial for school success. Getting quality sleep has many benefits such as strengthening learning, memorization, improving brain function and helping with concentration. Students who don’t receive enough sleep are more likely to struggle in school and have trouble with motivating themselves.  


9. Take breaks in between homework

Students already have a 8 hour school day and homework just adds to that stress. Students who refuse to take breaks can easily feel overwhelmed and overworked. It’s recommended to take a 5 to 15 minute break in between homework assignments. Breaks help you procrastinate less, be more focused, and work more efficiently. 


10. Form a relationship with your teachers

It’s important to remember that teachers are humans too. They don’t just care about grades, they care about getting to know you as a person. If students know that their teacher cares, they’ll be more likely to attend each class and won’t be afraid to ask for help. Building a relationship with your teacher also helps with future aspirations. When you need a letter of recommendation for college, teachers that you built relationships with will be willing to help you out and improve your chances of getting admitted.