Finding Your Chill

Savannah Searcy, STAFF WRITER

A lot of us can agree that these past months of the year 2020 have been rough for all of us. During these complicated times that we are currently experiencing, it is very important for everybody, especially our fellow Jaguar students, to be in a good place regarding their mental health. As a way to aid us and help ease some of the stress that we may have while navigating through this new, slightly more tricky school year, the PPCHS Counseling Department has provided us with “The Oasis”


  “The Oasis” is a new virtual course that you can find on your Canvas Dashboard. It is meant to be used during homeroom from 8:30 to 8:50 AM as a way to start off all of our early mornings on a nice and positive note. However, don’t let that 20 minute time frame restrict you! The Oasis is available and can be accessed at any time of the day, whenever you may need to visit it.


  Personally, I believe that “The Oasis” can be extremely beneficial to students. As a person who has gotten really in touch with her spiritual side over this quarantine break/summer, I have discovered that things such as meditation and learning to focus on your own health and happiness can have a really positive effect on you and the way you may look at your life. It also has a really positive effect on your mind.


  Especially for all of my fellow Jags that struggle with anxiety and experience panic attacks, a lot of the things that “The Oasis” provides you with can really serve a purpose and help you out. Also, if you struggle with depression, are feeling unmotivated, or if you are just simply feeling stressed or overwhelmed, “The Oasis” can serve as a virtual safe spot for you to relax. 


  Students should meet with their teachers at 8:30 for attendance, make their way to “The Oasis” course, and then be back in virtual class with their teachers at 8:50. However, some teachers have made it a habit to do course while they are still connected to their students virtually over Zoom. 


  I think that this is not the best way to spend that valuable time. I personally believe that it would be better for students to experience and go through “The Oasis” on their own after checking in with their teacher at 8:30 AM first. Going through the course individually allows our fellow peers to really concentrate and focus on calming down and quieting their mind before they start their school day.


  I feel that doing “The Oasis” as a class could create some awkward tension and students would not be able to focus on themselves. Many might tend to open their eyes during this class meditation to check if others are looking at them, or possibly to see who is participating and who isn’t, which could affect their decision in participating themselves. Others might also just sit there. 


  However, if students have their own personal time to partake in the activities that “The Oasis” offers, I feel that more comfort would be given and students would take the time to relax, gain some awareness, and get some more headspace in the comfort of their own homes before beginning their school day.