Return Of The Flip Phone

“Flip phone’s back alright”


Photo by Megan Ingram

Photo by Megan Ingram

Camila Escobar, STAFF WRITER

The generation of today is known for their retro spins on daily life. Some like to dress like the past, while others like to reminisce about the good old days. But what if there was a way to bring back one more crucial treasure from the past, the infamous flip phone.


   Popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, flip phones were a major stepping stone to the modern phones we enjoy today. Plus, flip phones allowed you to reenact your favorite movie scene: the sassy character would end the conversation with a flip of her phone—and she would look fabulous while doing it. 


   These fun-filled devices allowed people to keep their lives relatively private; with no social media, a flip phone simply was just a phone. There’s a reason why people say the 90’s were the best times of their lives; they were free to be whoever they wanted without any expectations.


  These days our generation has no escape; the world creeps into our phones and follows us home. 


   However, it’s not all that bad. With advanced technology, we don’t have to wait to see our friends after school, and we can create all different types of things on our phones. That’s why engineers have created the ultimate generational phone, which incorporates the fun folding sensation of a flip phone while adding a little modern spice by including all the apps and data we enjoy from our smartphones. 


   Some students have expressed their support on the return of flip phones. When asked, junior Andres Alvarez claimed, “I think it’s great. We have been getting bigger and bigger phones. Now it seems we are going back to the original idea of a pocketable device that allows us to communicate without giving up our technological luxuries.” Some students weren’t even aware that this was a trend. 


   A semi-confused junior, Nicolle Sanchez, shares, “Honestly I had no idea this was a trend, but, hey, it sounds cool. Flip phones have always been very vintage[,] and I like that[.] I feel like it would be a cute trend that we should definitely bring back.” Since this new generation never really got to experience flip phones, it’s nice to finally be given a chance to do so. 


   Samsung has released its newest product called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This incredible piece of technology is designed to fold in half, similar to a mirror compact which, when closed, can fit in the palm of your hand. Not only is it convenient, but it also has a maximum of 256 GB of storage while also including some features we enjoy from the Apple iPhones, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. 


  This phone may have a medium battery life, but don’t be fooled, it’ll still allow you to relax and watch Netflix all day long. With a price of about $1,450, Samsung has truly captured the essence of the retro jewel all 90’s and early 2000’s kids enjoyed and has brought it back to life.