Kevin Champagne


       “Driving home. Decompressing, listening to music, flying out of the parking lot.” Kevin Randolph Champagne. Haitian/Chinese. Going to Nova. Capricorn, and mostly in the way that he’s reserved and stylish. He says that his memories are based off of the “things that are said and outfits, not days.” And so, he follows the fashion world closely, describing his own style to be laid-back & sporty with neutral tones. He also most definitely admires Jerry Lorenzo, particularly for Jerry’s sleek, casual yet “luxurious” look. And although Kevin’s not actually set on pursuing fashion for his career, he does know that he’ll thrive in doing anything creative as an artistic director of some kind. He aims to appeal to many others with his innovative work, just as the designer Kim Jones has reached a wider (and younger) audience in changing the face of Dior. Regardless of all that creativity, though, Kevin’s also comforting company as he always tries to see the good in things. He’s positive. But he can be very private as well, and so he hopes to work on opening up more to certain people. He also further hopes to work on respecting money in terms of how to spend it, save it, & use it. He wants to learn a greater appreciation of his parents and elders and to have a stronger faith in God as well. In doing so, Kevin will grow into his best self, one day living in a French home with kids and a spouse whom he’s built a solid foundation and good communication with. He’ll be living “in the moment” as life is “precious,” and he’ll perhaps continue to enjoy tennis, strolls and dinners with his friends, and going to the beach. Charter support team: Mrs. Seiler & his “supportive, uplifting” friend group of 5. Favorite movie: Georgia Rule. Favorite artist: A$AP Rocky. Favorite song: “Novacane” – Frank Ocean. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Don’t hold onto people. Things are temporary, so always put yourself first. Enjoy high school, have fun.”


By: Jena Manning