Isabella Muñoz


      “I was part of a latin dance team…it was going to practice every week and just seeing everyone grow as our own family…especially since I shared that with my brother my last year of high school.” Isabella Muñoz. Colombian. Going to Broward College, then transferring to UCF or FAU. Sagittarius sun (& virgo moon/capricorn asc), and all in the way that she’s an adventurer, wears her heart on her sleeve, and takes initiative in the things she wants to do. And when she wants to do something, she tends to want it to be perfect. But she does know that it’s not good to think this way because it can make her hard on herself. But more importantly, the bigger thing that she’s also come to know is that “everything happens for a reason.” Sometimes Bella overthinks and constantly tries to dig deep into the “why” behind bad things in life. Now, though, she understands that “in the end it’s going to be okay & if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” And so when it comes to people, she applies the same philosophy, knowing that they come into her life for a reason as either blessings or lessons. She’s compassionate, nevertheless, willing to be open with anyone. She believes that “you don’t know where a person comes from.” Yet, her blunt, non-sugarcoating nature can sometimes lead to disagreements that she has with others. She can also get frustrated when people won’t try to understand her way of viewing things. Regardless, Bella’s vision for her future includes becoming a nurse practitioner and then moving up to become a physician assistant. She aims to make the health industry much better than it is, not something money-based but for the well-being of the people. She genuinely likes to help people, and so she’s also thinking of a pursuing psych minor, understanding that people can hurt mentally too. And perhaps, some years from now, we’ll find Bella as a PA, who’s “definitely” married (and the owner of a dog and cat), as she lives in the suburbs, no more than an hour away from the coast. Charter support team: Ms. Carson, Ariana Ortiz, Carolina Othon, Rosa Gomez. Favorite show: The Office. Advice for charter underclassmen: “Join more clubs. Don’t be afraid to step out of your shell. Just cause your friends don’t wanna, doesn’t mean you won’t find friends who will.” 

  • By: Jena Manning